Drink rosé like a French aristocrat 

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Demonstrate perfect manners and avoid faux pas when drinking wine at the table

Manners are an unspoken social code: either you have them, or you don't. And you can be sure that those who do will notice and judge those who don't. 

You can have confidence with any group of people with these essential do's and don'ts of serving and drinking wine (including rosé).

In this video, you'll learn:

  • The proper table setting: where and in which order to place the red, white, rosé and champagne glasses (hint: it's not in this order)
  • What is appropriate to say (or not) about the wine you are served
  • Common faux pas to avoid
  • The proper way to raise a toast (this part may surprise you!)
  • What to do if you don't want to be served more wine (a lot of people get this wrong!)
  • What to do if you do want to be served more wine (take note!)
  • ...and much more! 

About Marie de Tilly

Marie de Tilly

Marie de Tilly is a business etiquette and a French savoir-vivre coach. She teaches manners at the EIML in Paris (International School of Luxury Marketing), and is a regular TV host on Stephane Bern’s daily show on French television.  

She masters manners and French “art de vivre” to perfection and gives conferences all around the world. She demystifies good manners by adapting them to modern life.

Proper French manners for rosé

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